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Do You Love Backpacks? We Do Too.

Backpacks are a staple for many types of people: working professionals, travelers, hikers and, most of all, students. While the idea of strapping your gear to your back is older than we can say, the modern student backpack is quite young—only about 44 years old—and has seen many new fads and changes in a short amount of time. From leather straps to JanSport packs, here’s a look at how students have carried their books through the years. The first vessels for students’ books weren’t pack-like at all, but rather a strap of leather or cloth (basically a belt) that was fastened around a stack of books to make them easier to carry. Straps remained in use for many decades (viewers...

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Leather Dress: Reasons To Own One

How many dresses do you own? Whether it’s a formal ballroom dress or a little black dress (LBD), there’s no denying the fact that dresses are incredibly stylish. You can wear them when you’re going out to eat, attending a party or even to work (assuming your company’s dress code permits). And while there’s nothing necessarily wrong with traditional dresses made of cotton or cotton blend fabrics, you should consider investing in a leather dress. Made of high-quality, genuine leather, it’s the perfect addition to any woman’s wardrobe for the following reasons. Unique Style You probably won’t see too many other women wearing a leather dress. This is because leather dresses offer a unique style that differs from other, existing...

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Why A Leather Wallet Is Non-Negotiable

Trends come and go but leather wallets always remain, particularly when it comes to fashion. In recent years, we’ve seen all kinds of alternative materials – from paper to plastic – be used for creating accessories. The paper, plastic and other strange material trend haven’t overlooked wallets either, and there have been lots of options to choose from. But the material that continues to endure, both for its style and stamina, is classic leather. What you’ll usually find is that other types of materials quickly disintegrate – even imitation leather that claims to have durability. When you’re keeping valuable items, like identification, payment cards and cash, safe, you always want to make sure that the accessory you’re using isn’t going...

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